Stone Age Theology

Why aren’t Christian women speaking out about the contraception debate?  Apparently it isn’t much of a debate because the men seem to be dominating the airwaves, while Christian women seem oddly silent.

Where are all the women???? I’m growing hoarse screaming at my television, radio, newspaper and computer screen every time I hear a panel of men or a male politician, a male radio host or some other male…pastor preaching about the sins of contraception or making ignorant, misinformed claims that women can’t get pregnant during rape or incest, or some other shouldn’t have been said, much less repeated ignorant statement about contraception, health, sex etc…

Where are these men’s wives, sisters, daughters, mothers, grandmothers, doctors etc…?  And why aren’t they hitting them in back of the head or politely informing them to shut up???????  Please dear let me help you with those boards in your eyes (Matthew 7:3).

And why isn’t anyone asking each and every one of them, “So you and every sexual partner you’ve ever had has never ever used any type of contraception ever?”

And every male politician is covered by a plan that provides contraception and covers them or a family member if they become pregnant regardless of marital status. A la carte insurance is rarely affordable for anyone who needs it. But that is another post for another blogger.

Am I the only Christian woman at risk of losing my gym membership or job because I’m screaming back at the insanity?

Since I’ve been forced to either hear all these stupid comments or hide in a cave, I feel compelled to throw a bunch of my own stupid observations.  I have hundreds of FB friends, most who are Christian, many ordained ministers and almost all who have been sexually active (i.e. married) at some point in their lives, however none have a child for every nine months they were married. SINNERS!!!!

Why do so many LOUD Christians take bits of scripture, sculpt it into stones and begin throwing it around as gospel, I mean – law? Evangelizing isn’t supposed to be some wicked game of dodge ball.

Rocks hurt! I do not understand how anyone can pretend writing the words ‘good news’ on the side of a rock is going to soften its blow.  How do these statements reflect our love for God or our neighbor?

And why should Christians who value their religious freedom feel entitled to force their religious beliefs on anyone else? Lazy evangelism!

I don’t recall Jesus saying much about contraception, health insurance or the consequences of rape but Jesus did say in John 8:7, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

And I don’t want to throw stones, shake my fist or scream at my fellow brothers and sisters.  But I will share my experience with the Church, contraception and healthcare.

Many years ago I had a tubal pregnancy, went to a Catholic hospital where a priest prayed with me and an awesome doctor saved my life (i.e. removed the pregnancy, repaired the tube and everything else).  The doctor prescribed hormone (contraceptive) pills to stop the ‘stuff’ that caused the pregnancy outside of my uterus.

And many years later my doctor strongly recommended and my husband strongly encouraged me to have a hysterectomy to stop a very bad bleeding problem. Perhaps it was the same bleeding problem of our sister who was healed by Jesus in Matthew 9:20-22.  Who knows?  I only know that I was also healed after I prayed with my pastor and allowed my doctor to perform the ultimate surgical contraception.

And most importantly, like our biblical sister and politicians, it didn’t cost me anything because I had healthcare. Amen!

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