“One Lovely Blog” Award

One Lovely Blog

Thank youTHE WARRIORESS life of a female bible warrior  for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. I’m honored.

The WARRIORESS  has a courageous and inspiring blog.  She challenges me to put into action Jesus’ basic command to love our neighbor.  She has a unique way of bringing home the Gospels.  I follow and enjoy her posts.  Please stop over and visit her site and stay awhile.

Seven (7) Facts About Me:

I am odd-my past put normal completely out of reach!

I love flowers!

My favorite book is the Bible-romance, comedy, history, horror, sci-fi…all there!

I love quirky sitcoms like Modern Family!

I fall into books and can’t get out until I’m done

My eyes change colors-don’t ask me what color they are- I don’t know!

I am thankful that my children and I are living a happily and safely ever after in Christ’s peace.

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Please take a moment to check out their posts!