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4 thoughts on “Dear Karen

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  3. [Sisters of Christ] Dear Karen
    My, my. I see you are very passionate. I’ve been a studying-Bible Christan for over 40 years. I attend church regularly but I don’t know of any major contraception debate. I’m sorry. While I appreciate your passions for what is right, all your emotional ranting acts as a blinding fog and I don’t even know where you stand on the subject! I’m sure it’s a valid and heartfelt stance. Regarding Downton Abbey, I would suggest providing alternatives. Here’s a few: Keeping Up Appearances (British TV comedy that appeals to Americans). Mrs. Brown (movie about Queen Victoria’s relationship with her equiry. Enchanted April (2 British women escaping to an Italian villa). MARVELOUS!!! Take care. Marina De Lamar

    • Hello Marina-

      Thank you for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts.

      The internet has over a million articles and other information about the ‘contraception debate’. Mainly the Catholic Church and many conservative Christian denominations state that the use of contraception to prevent or end pregnancy is a sin and insist the Bible supports such an argument with the only acceptable form of contraception being abstinence, which if practiced in marriage ignores other scripture encouraging spouses to come together frequently to avoid temptation.

      As noted in my post, the issue has become very political with the most outspoken individuals being male politicians seeking to deny contraceptive coverage to women, using the Christian faith as the basis for denying care.

      I stand on the side of grace believing it is a private issue between God, the individual, their doctor and spouse. I noted Jesus was silent on the issue, the Church’s practices have been inconsistent on the issue by permitting hysterectomies, it places undue hardship on the poor, makes all Christians seem ignorant and most important, we are saved by Christ – not anything we do.

      On your other note, my husband and I love Keeping Up Appearances. We also enjoyed the Vicar of Dibley, the Office (British & American) and Sherlock. Thank you for your recommendations. I look forward to watching the others you suggested.

      Thank you again. I appreciated your inquiry. And hope you will stop by again. Christ’s peace.

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