Bible Trivia: What color is missing from the rainbow?

Bible Trivia: What color is missing from the rainbow?

Orange you glad you said indigo. LOL

There is no oranges (or indigo) in God’s love letter. An orange of another name isn’t as juicy.

Which is good because I look awful in orange.


An Open Letter to My Parents’ Pastor

An important letter for all “church people” Thank you Sister Carrie

Carrie Surbaugh

You don’t know me, and I’m not usually in the habit of writing open letters, but this is a special occasion.

You’ve been the pastor of AUMC for two Sundays now. Last Sunday you gave a sermon about the authority of Scripture. About halfway through the sermon, you said some things that hurt a lot of people very deeply. Towards the end, you mentioned that you don’t care about hurting people’s feelings (which doesn’t strike me as very pastoral, but that’s another letter).

Long story short, my parents are leaving AUMC.

Here are some things you should know: we’ve been members for 13 years, since I was ten years old. My brother and I were confirmed there; I preached for the first time there; until recently, I thought I would get married there.

Another thing you should know: I am a lesbian. I came out this year, after many years…

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“Look! Here Is Water” – A Sermon about God’s Inclusivity with a Surprise Ending

The Unexpected Pastor

18320546_1915395965153373_3150336191418249971_o.pngThe pivotal moment in today’s Scripture story is when the Ethiopian Official says to Philip, “Look! Here is water! What can stand in the way of my being baptized?”

That’s why Philip was there in the first place. But he didn’t know it.

What a surprise to him! He had been appointed to be a deacon in the earliest church, one of the men who oversawthe feeding of widows and the poor. An angel told him to get out of town. to go out on that lonely, almost-deserted desert road. “Get up and go,” the angel had said.

And Philip got up and went.

On that road he had encountered that Ethiopian official, that Ethiopian guy. I don’t want to keep calling him “the Ethiopian guy” so I’ve decided to give him a name – Elias, which, according to an Ethiopian names website, means, “The Lord is God.”

The writer…

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Election Day Prayer – Confirm Our Election

Election Day Prayer – Confirm Our Election

Growl for Justice

Heavenly Mother,

We cry out for your nurturing grace and peace in abundance.

We don’t just want to know you, we need you and Jesus our Lord.

Confirm our calling and Election.

Help us escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.

Add to my faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge;and to knowledge, self-control;and to self-control, perseverance;and to perseverance, godliness;and to godliness, mutual affection; and to mutual affection, LOVE.

I am nearsighted and blind. I forget I have been cleansed from past sins.
And you can use my weaknesses for your glory.

Brothers and sisters, let’smake every effort to confirm our callingand election.

Let your light shine so we will never stumble,and will receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Wrap us in your grace, mercy and peace, be with us in truth and love.

Confirm our calling…

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Nope. My Vagina’s Votin’ – Not a Gender Vote

Nope. My Vagina’s Votin’ – Not a Gender Vote

Growl for Justice

Facebook is such a happy place during elections.  All the happy vacation photos turn to political rants that no one has the courage to express anywhere but Facebook.

The past few days has been gruesome with several male Facebook friends boldly posting how sad they are that a lot of women are voting their “gender”, not their convictions and not based on knowledge about who each candidate is today.

Does this mean men have voted with their penis since 1788? Is their gender voting for Trump? I wish elimg_20161108_100713ections were more like soccer matches where I could throw up a card to declare foul for the layers of sexist assumptions in their concerns but of course this would simply further the divide.

And since many of these posts end with a request to unfriend them if the reader is voting for Hillary, it is clear they are not seeking a…

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How Can You Vote For HER?

My Unexpected Pastor Hubby takes us into the voting booth with him for a brave and probably unpopular witness.

I am very proud to share this post

The Unexpected Pastor

Vote! from Flickr via Wylio © 2005 hjl, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio

NOTE: I write this is as my own opinion, not on behalf of any church or denomination. The link to this blog from my church’s website has been removed until after the election to alleviate any confusion. While pastors are not permitted to endorse candidates “from the pulpit,” there is no legal or other impediment to ordained ministers stating their personal views on political or any other matters. In fact, I am called to live out my faith publicly, which I will do in this post . . . .

Somebody asked me how I, a Christian and a pastor, could vote for Hillary Clinton. Here’s my answer. I don’t post this with the quixotic hope it will change anyone’s mind. I want to do what I always do on this blog; to show how faith impacts real life. I also hope…

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