How Can You Vote For HER?

My Unexpected Pastor Hubby takes us into the voting booth with him for a brave and probably unpopular witness.

I am very proud to share this post

The Unexpected Pastor

Vote! from Flickr via Wylio © 2005 hjl, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio

NOTE: I write this is as my own opinion, not on behalf of any church or denomination. The link to this blog from my church’s website has been removed until after the election to alleviate any confusion. While pastors are not permitted to endorse candidates “from the pulpit,” there is no legal or other impediment to ordained ministers stating their personal views on political or any other matters. In fact, I am called to live out my faith publicly, which I will do in this post . . . .

Somebody asked me how I, a Christian and a pastor, could vote for Hillary Clinton. Here’s my answer. I don’t post this with the quixotic hope it will change anyone’s mind. I want to do what I always do on this blog; to show how faith impacts real life. I also hope…

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