To The “Trumper”- Maybe? A Biblical Case

_88160170_trump-promoDISCLAIMER: I am a believer who is thankful Christ is always walking with me no matter how off course I may wander as a totally free spoiled privileged educated white evangelical pastor’s wife.

I have not been forced to publish this nor do I feel forced to publish it anonymously.  However, I may regret this post if Mr. Donald Trump decides to encourage the 2nd amendment believers to “maybe take care of” me. But since I have so few followers, I’ll assume I’m safe.

I feel inspired to publish a response to an article that keeps popping up on my Facebook feed which I  don’t believe speaks for all evangelicals.

Link: To The “Never Trumper”- A Biblical Case For Trump

Please feel free to share this post.

I tried to simply respond to the post. I read the entire lengthy article and other comments, but my comment fell into perpetual awaiting moderation while other more favorable comments written after mine have been approved.

DISCLAIMER: Being a pastor’s wife, being educated, being white, and maybe even being a believer provides me no extra privilege in heaven or extra special relationship or love from our Creator.

Like a favored child, my heavenly parent has greater expectations of me than the non-believing siblings in this-worldly play pen.

I, also, pray for guidance on how to vote in November. I understand, accept, love and respect that many fellow Christian and other Americans completely disagree with me. And that is totally okay and I sincerely doubt it’ll be that big of a deal when we all gather for the big party of life ever after.

I can be very passionate in my beliefs and strong calling to protect and speak for anyone I believe to be powerless – which is not always a strength when I fail to listen or assist instead of take over. I don’t want to be a bully and hope never to hurt anyone the way I have been hurt but fully confess I have sinned, fall short and am no one’s savior.

DISCLAIMER: I always fall short. I am actually very short. I’m barely over five feet tall.  I always fail to do everything I feel called to do. I procrastinate and run out of steam. I need a savior and I am very thankful Christ is a better savior than me. Can you say the same?

Enough with the DISCLAIMER, except one more, I stopped making wagers over 20 years ago when my pastor hubby stopped gambling, which I thought was a bit of a wager but that would be another post.

Besides I’m not sure what the wager would be to get the author of the other post or anyone else to read the rest of my post (rant). But the best kudos would be something in the comments section.

I agree with my fellow pastor’s wife, the Mrs. Last Chance America, Trump is biblical. I could build a biblical case for Trump. It may not have the same conclusion as Mrs. Last Chance.

I stand by my comment that her arguments apply to Hillary, Trump and every other candidate – Christ can use anyone for God’s glory.

Remember the Magi from the east came to worship Christ.   And remember all the other outsiders in the old and new testament. The best thing about the bible is that everyone, including me is in the bible. 

The Bible isn’t PG. The Bible shares stories of great leaders and scary leaders. God uses regular people like King David to do great stuff and the Bible doesn’t hide his scary leadership moments.  

I agree Americans aren’t voting for Trump to lead our church. We are voting for someone to hold our pocket-book, our safety and our freedom.

Trump has an extremely long record of broken promises to many businesses that Trump failed to pay after they completed work on one of Trump’s failures. I do not want Mr. Trump holding my pocket-book.  Do you?

I fail to see how Trump is like the man in Luke 9  who wasn’t one of Christ’s followers but was casting out demons? I agree Trump has cast lots of folks and plans to cast many more but who are the demons? Are the demons protesters?  Are the demons news reporters? Are the demons Muslims? Are the demons black people? Are the demons women? Who are the demons?

Trump doesn’t make me feel safe. Will he cast out everyone who fails to vote for him? Does Trump make you feel safe?

“As President, he (Trump) has gone to great lengths to prove that he will protect and champion the rights of the American evangelical if he were to be elected, even if he does not personally embrace those values”. The anonymous Mrs. Last Chance America

Really?  Has Mr. Trump actually articulated any of the promises you claim?

I have listened to Mr. Trump.  I listened to his speeches and find Mr. Trump rarely finishes a sentence. He spouts coded assurances. Everything he says ends up having to be interpreted.  And the interpretations are made on baseless assumptions.

When did Trump hand out his decoder ring for “He’ll take care of it” and “Make America Great Again” I NEVER heard him explain what that means.

Here is my biblical recommendation to Mr. Trump:

 If anyone speaks in a tongue, two—or at the most three—should speak, one at a time, and someone must interpret. If there is no interpreter, the speaker should keep quiet in the church and speak to himself and to God”. 1 Corinthians 14:27-28 (NIV)

As for the promises many evangelical Christians claim Mr. Trump will protect:

  • Conservative Supreme Court Justices
  • Right to bear arms
  • Abortion restrictions
  • Christian’s rights to complain, speak freely and prohibit rights of other Americans.

If I was a gambler, I believe the odds of Mr. Trump doing any of these things are not good because the odds would be based on facts that repeatedly find Mr. Trump has among other things, an honesty problem. And I prefer not to be a malicious witness to his false reports or lead fellow sheep astray.

Exodus 23:1

[ Laws of Justice and Mercy ] “Do not spread false reports. Do not help a guilty person by being a malicious witness.


I am also appalled at the way the Body has treated the members, including former Republican and Democrat POTUS, Republican leaders, Democrats  and other evangelicals who feel called NOT to endorse Trump and seek other candidates to champion their cause.

Their votes count. They make statements. They are important.They make America Great!

I will stop short of biblically endorsing any candidate in this post because I don’t speak for God about those issues.  Biblically, God loves them all, the atheist, Muslim, Jewish, evangelicals, people of color, police officers,  Hillary…and Trump

Leviticus 19:12

“‘Do not swear falsely by my name and so profane the name of your God. I am the Lord.

I believe other candidates will protect our right to freely worship any faith or not, the future of mine and everyone else’s children (even children of color), protect 2nd amendment rights and allow everyone to speak freely about homosexuality, gun violence, marriage, the Gospel and everything else.

SheepAs for my decoder ring, freedom is important to me.  I hear the Holy Spirit urging me to make a decision based on the actions of Matthew 25, I will pick the candidate (sheep) that I believe will:

  • Feed the hungry, clothe and shelter the poor – not cut programs
  • Welcome the stranger not build a wall to keep them out
  • Visit the poor or prisoners – not scream to lock people up not found guilty of any crime
  • Protect life – not increase the number of assault rifles on our street or suggest 2nd amendment supporters should maybe take care of their opponent.

And I will vote for someone like Jesus, who hangs out with sinners like me who Christ promises to be among.

Trump sounds like a goat to me but vote for him if he sounds like the boat for you.

Hopefully, I keep my right to complain if he wins.

I join Mrs. Last Chance’s call to pray for everyone in authority – all the people of America.




9 thoughts on “To The “Trumper”- Maybe? A Biblical Case

  1. (Rob, an unbelieving sibling, not Amy) When he stated ” Maybe he should be roughed up” about a protester being removed he should have lost all respect from everyone, especially Christians. When he said what he liked about Saddam Hussein was that he killed terrorists, I lost it. As I recall, Hussein mainly killed people who disagreed with him. The scary part is so many people want to follow this man. Including Christians. He is less religious than I am.

    • Rob, another unbelieving sib told me Trump is a Rorschach test to Christians. Trump says so little, Christians interpret it however they want. Scary.

  2. I read the “Last Chance” article and it’s obvious why Trump is so rich.. He tells people what they want to hear and…they actually believe him. He’s going to nominate conservative Supreme Court justices? Says who? Trump? He’ll do whatever he wants if he wins (which of course he won’t). He will have no use for evangelicals once he has their votes. If you think Trump is a conservative, he’s got some real estate he’d like to sell you, too.

    • Thank you for stopping by and your insightful comments.

      Trump recently met with evangelical leaders and promised, “when I ‘m elected, I’ll do what I do best”. The leaders assumed he was promising their agenda. Trump didn’t promise anything.

      I can’t find proof that he honors relationships or promises. I’m afraid for America and my conservative siblings.

      Blessings to you and everyone you love.

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