Born Inside A Jail

Sisters of Christ

PrisondoorI was born inside a jail
I was born with scum …

I am from the gutter too!
                        ~ Javert  Les Miserables

Domestic violence is a jail with many rooms of torture, including a delivery room for child abuse, neglect and addictions.

Not all victims are born in a violent home but millions of their children are.

Growing up, the only family members more vulnerable than me were the animals.

I knew I was in prison.  I tried to escape from the time I was able to walk to the day I broke free thirty-five years later.

I tried to find shelter. I gravitated to kind, loving families that didn’t hurt one another.

Neighbors told stories about me showing up uninvited at their family functions, climbing up on laps, sneaking into their cars when they tried to go somewhere, sitting at their dinner table, climbing…

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