Good-bye Downton Abbey!

Photo: My bell is ready but are the servants? CLICK ‘That was the last time I’ll watch that show ever again!’

Good-bye Downton Abbey!

I can’t believe it’s over but you definitely dowsed the fire. Just fifteen minutes before, I wouldn’t have believed our love would come to such a screeching halt. Just forty-five minutes before we parted, I couldn’t wait for you to start and just one week ago, I posted my love for you on Facebook but today I say farewell without a single drop of regret.

While my husband may disagree, I didn’t know I was so fickle and could turn so cold in less than a moment.

I realize many may not be fans or have ever heard of Downton Abbey. And for others, this is an old trauma because the episode aired three months ago in the United Kingdom. But for me it is old and new. And it is time for me to say farewell and close the door.

SPOILER ALERT: Season 4, Episode 2 of PBS’s Downton Abbey

It was an awful shock. I wanted to swim across the pond and back in history to save my favorite character from being brutally raped.  I looked about the screen for a weapon, any weapon, any possible defense. But I couldn’t save her. I couldn’t defend her. And I couldn’t change the storyline.

While all the other characters remained blissfully unaware, I watched.

When my husband asked if she were dead, I responded the writers wouldn’t be so kind. It was after all Downton Abbey.

While I respect that given there are more than 7 women characters, at least one has been raped  and rape awareness is very important BUT…I am already the one in seven women who understand the ‘mental and emotional damage’ of these traumas.

Downton Abbey was not giving me a safe glimpse into the past, a beautiful opportunity to live in another time, across the pond with the upper social class.  It hadn’t nor would it provide the type of escape from reality I seek.

Downton Abbey is not a fan of nice people.  In all four seasons, the most beloved characters are always punished while evil is rewarded with promotions, good health and trips abroad.

I cannot tune in each week to watch my favorite character be raped, humiliated and forced to co-exist with her perpetrator again and again. I will not risk reliving my own nightmare knowing Downton Abbey will never offer a happy ending.

So looking again for the perfect weapon to defend her and me from further harm, I found the remote. CLICK!

Good-bye Downton Abbey! Four seasons and 2 episodes were more than enough for me.  Thank you.

I will get my British fix somewhere else.

If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet. Matthew 10:14, Mark 6:11, Luke 9:5


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