Peace on Christmas

Peace Love Christmas

“Glory to God in the highest, and peace to his people on earth.” Luke 2:14

Warning: This post requires action. Anyone desiring peace this Christmas or next or sometime in the future will need to raise the white flag and end the war on Christmas.

How do we end a war? Stop fighting! It really is that simple. While tug a war can be lots of fun on a playground with eager participants, it isn’t fun around the dinner table, in line at a department store, at the alter or in the bedroom. Seriously, drop the rope!

Please read to the end before forwarding this post to whatever goblin is robbing Christmas.

Christmas is a stressful time of year for just about everyone regardless of their faith. No one enjoys having the same rope thrust at them year after year from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day by strangers and people claiming to love them.

I know lots of folks who just LOVE Christmas and claim it is the perfect time of year.  They look forward to the season and are sad to see it go. This post is not for them.  They can STOP reading.

For everyone else, the bible assures us that the perfect Christmas – the first Christmas – happened a long time ago. The ‘perfect’ gift has already been given. And no matter how many twinkle lights we put up, it will never compare to the first Christmas.

Death, suicide, illness, depression, abuse, poverty and other sins wage wars far greater than an atheist’s failure to wish a Merry Christmas.

Even pastors and their families have become casualties during these Christmas wars.

It is a stressful time of year keeping up with the Jones or St. Perfect down the street, running from demons and pretending to be happy when the well is dry.

Every year my husband and I counsel  couples and individuals struggling during the Christmas season.

And my gift is always the same to each – drop the ropes and pick up love.

Read the Christmas story in Luke 2 or Matthew 1. Christmas started with a poor couple having a baby in a barn with a bunch of animals.  While we assume they had lots of family in the area, no one invited them for Christmas dinner.

God went all out celebrating the birth of his son, but the bible doesn’t share any other birthday parties for Jesus.

And unlike the exodus from Egypt we’re never told to celebrate or even remember his birth.

While guilt is a very popular gift at Christmas, it’s not biblical. Don’t worry – you can’t screw up Christmas! The cross will always be there to save you. It is an incredible safety net that can’t be torn, broken or taken away.  It is called grace.

Grace that couldn’t be defeated by death.  It rose from the dead leaving an empty tomb.  Our living Christ embraces us. We are never alone at the dinner table with crazy relatives, in line at a department store or in the bedroom. Christ won the war. Peace. AMEN!

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