Preparing for Darkness

Psalm 18:28

Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light

DepressionLord, we cry out for your mercy and grace! Embrace us as the days get shorter, the cold surrounds us and the darkness grows!  Give us the warmth of your light.  Tap us on the shoulder to remind us you are with us in the dark!

Almighty powerful Lord, release depression’s power and clutch.  Give peace and rest.  Let the darkness become a beautiful chance for all to hibernate and rejuvenate in your embrace. Do not let anyone grow cold and despair!

Remember our siblings on the other side of the world breaking out of the darkness into Spring. Help them to use new-found energy to live, find joy and rejoice in your light.

Help us to see the children of darkness, teach us to reach out and hold their hands and give them comfort until they can feel your warm embrace. Turn darkness into light! Amen!

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