In the Beginning, God (and then some stuff happened)

Hope you enjoyed this post from my husband’s blog!

The Unexpected Pastor

fred flintsone on a dinosaurI wish Christians would stop fixating on evolution and spend more time talking about Jesus Christ.  Look, if you want to believe that the earth is only 5000 years old, that everything was created in 6 literal days (with a 7th day for resting), that people and dinosaurs hung out together until the big lizards missed the Ark, fine.  Maybe you’re right.

But stop making it seem like creationism is the rock upon which the Christianity stands.

It’s not. Jesus is the Rock.

And it seems that the first chapters of Genesis are much more concerned with  “Who” rather than “how.”  Maybe we should be, too.

Dawkins vs. Wright, an Unfair Fight

What’s prompted this mini-rant is a video a Facebook friend posted a couple days ago.  Here’s a link to the video; by all means watch it if you’re the kind of person who watches NASCAR to see…

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4 thoughts on “In the Beginning, God (and then some stuff happened)

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  3. I enjoyed visiting your blog today! You’re right, it should all be about the gospel. I can’t recall one time when Jesus talked about evolution:) God bless! Terri

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