You’re the Inspiration

Unexpected PastorI dreamed of making a difference. I hoped to make this world a better place because of my contribution to society.  I wanted to be smart, strong and self-sufficient. I hoped to be loved, honored and adored. But most of all I wanted to be safe and make this world a safer place.

I thought I could do all that by earning my doctorate in psychology, conducting research and publishing my work of empirical facts.

I am comfortable writing research papers, training manuals, and creating informational brochures and videos.  I love conducting workshops, seminars and other training sessions about child welfare, retirement, management, leadership development, marriage…really any subject I can research that allows me to walk around a room full of people, tell stories and share information.

I’m not a creative writer. Prior to this blog, I may have written one strange poem. Prior to therapy, I never dreamed of writing, publishing or even sharing the intimate details of my life.  My secrets were safely locked away somewhere by God.

I didn’t think I had or wanted access to them; and I definitely didn’t plan to share my shame with the world. I was afraid my past would rob me of my professional credibility just as my past always crept up to shatter every hope, dream or relationship I ventured.

So who inspired me to blog? My husband, The Unexpected Pastor. He is the gifted blogger.  He loves starting new blogs, writing posts, publishing his work.  He’s written lots of stories, poems, a few books and is always dreaming of more.

I love reading his work because it is good – funny, thought-provoking, perfect grammar with words that take me into someone else’s world for a moment – leaving my mess behind. Blogging was definitely his idea and his craft.

I expressed my creative energy on canvas.  I love to paint!

I shared my spiritual gifts with a women’s bible study in our home when our children were little and led many studies for youth, adults and couples at church but after my last group ended, I couldn’t find a consistent time to form another.

I appreciated the break for a while but as days moved into months, I started feeling anxious and called to do something. I attended lots of studies but began to feel like a leech. I needed a ministry.

But my schedule just wouldn’t open up to start anything!  I couldn’t have a group this Monday at 7, next Saturday at 9 and lets pick back up in a few weeks…

My husband immediately knew I needed to start a blog.  Finally, I stopped looking at him like a deranged lunatic and published my very first post on April 10, 2012.

Sisters of Christ was born.

I assumed I was proving him wrong and I’d be done blogging as soon as I ran out of ideas but I got hooked.  I met an incredible family of bloggers around the world that continue to nurture and sustain my faith, encouraging me to break the chains of the past and enjoy today!

God’s love letter (the Bible) and our Daily Post have lots of topic to blog about.

I can write and publish at my convenience. And followers read at theirs – cool!

Sisters of Christ also provides a great wall to hang my paintings to view anytime by anyone from anywhere – the lighting is always perfect. Awesome!

I don’t know if my blog is making the world a better place but I know it is making me a better person.

And my hubby – he is my favorite fan!  The other day he greeted me with, “I am so proud of you!  I love your blog!”  He made my day!

I do love it when he’s right!  Amen!


3 thoughts on “You’re the Inspiration

  1. Hallelujah! A wise woman knows when to listen to her husband and submit. 🙂 I’m so glad you took him up on his suggestion, and now I will have to check his blog out, since I didn’t know about it before. 🙂

    Much love to you and many blessings, my sister,

    • Cheryl- Thank you! I still feel like a novice in a sea of great writers but I’ll keep swimming with the help and blessing of beautiful blog sisters like you! Christ’s peace, Karen

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