We Are The Outsiders

Lord open my heart.  Let me see you.  Amen

Jesus’ new command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.  John 15:12 (NIV)

Jesus invites you to dine with him.  You bring a friend to meet Jesus.  You are the last to arrive.  You and your friend are seated at the end of the table the farthest away from Jesus.  You recognize a few of the other guests:

  • A girl from school who slept with the entire football team then accused them of rape
  • The guy who looks and smells really bad
  • Several gay and lesbian couples
  • Some antisocials sitting slightly away from the group who either look scared to death, cry, mumble to themselves or look like they are plotting to kill everyone
  • A women convicted of stealing from the poor
  • And several “non-Christians”

You take another look at your invitation. It’s a party for the least, lost and left out.

Is anyone missing?

Your friend asks, ““Why does Jesus  eat with these people?” Matthew 9:11

What is your answer?

Why were you invited?


7 thoughts on “We Are The Outsiders

  1. The perfectionist who tries hard to be perfect on her own, falling short each time. The abused, filled with shame and self-loathing. The child who never knew security because she lost her father when she was young. They are there too.
    Those who think their good deeds will get them into heaven are too busy earning a good reputation among man to have time to dine with a Savior who brings forgiveness.
    Jesus eats with these people for it is those with greatest sin that need the most forgiveness, He would not have needed to come a suffer so greatly if we could get to heaven without Him.
    I am in need of a Saviour for my sins, that is why I was invited!! Thank you Lord for the invitation!!

    • Amen! I am thankful I’m invited and was wise enough to go into the banquet to dine with our Lord. How many are surprised I got an invitation with my sorted past?

      • I am not surprised, Sister, for my past is tainted by my own weak will, no one to blame, only my own shame. Amen that we are invited! Praise His name that we will not be distracted on the day of the wedding supper, but will go out and clothe in light those in the highways and byways! Just as He has clothed us. Hallelujah!!

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