The Good Sister

The Good SisterLuke 15:31-32 (NIV)

“‘My son (daughter),’ the father said, ‘you are always with me, and everything I have is yours. But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother(sister) of yours was dead and is alive again; (s)he was lost and is found.’”

Lord, help me to embrace your words.  Help me to remember I’ve always been with you.  I’ve had the advantage of your constant love, attention and care.  Help me to be open and loving to my runaway sisters.  I want to join the party.  I want to celebrate.  I know you love me! I know you have enough love for all of us.  Keep Satan from convincing me otherwise.  I love you Lord!  I am not the keeper of your cross.  Take the keys!  Forgive me Lord!  I love you!  Let’s Celebrate! Amen!Prodigal Sisters


2 thoughts on “The Good Sister

  1. Karen,

    This was beautiful, as was the artwork, and I can’t tell you how it spoke to my heart. The relationship between sisters can be so rocky — (especially those from abusive, dysfunctional families) — and as children of God first, we must learn to put our past behind us — (even when our sisters are unwilling/unable to do so) — and continue to reach out to them in love. I’ve been dealing with such hurt and rejection from my sister, and yet this simple little post (which I am going to place as one of my favorites) reminds me to continue to love her and try to reach out to her, in spite of the rejection, because though she was the favorite of our earthly parents, she doesn’t know the joy of being a child of our heavenly Father.

    Thank you so much for ministering, not only to yourself, but to me as well.


    • Cheryl, You and your sister will be in my prayers.
      Lord of Mercy give my sister Cheryl the Spirit of your love. It is so hard to reach out, embrace and dance with those who’ve hurt us. please Lord continue to stir up her Spirit of persistence. Do not let her lose heart. wrap her in your abundant love. Amen

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