Teen Party Success

BalloonsProverbs 21:5
Careful planning puts you ahead in the long run; hurry and scurry puts you further behind.

This post is a bit off my norm but I wanted to share our success.

My daughter’s 16th birthday was the other night. Like most teens and probably most adults, she had friends from school, church and other groups. We hoped and prayed that the groups would mix and not remain separated in cliques especially since a few didn’t have a group of their own.

Our goal was for everyone to be glad they came because they had a good time.

Her illness kept her from seeing her friends for many months so she wanted a FIVE (5) hour party; a challenged to plan lots of interesting activities to avoid boredom.

At the pace of our guests we played the following games:

Speed Meet and Greet– It was like speed dating. Everyone met as pairs for 2 minutes (1 minute listening/1 minute sharing). I provided topics to share as they switched partners (i.e. guest of honor, food, school, hobbies, pets, vacation, ideal date…)

Twister– We had three Twister mats so everyone could play. It was hilarious! They played 4-5 rounds.

Balloon Truth or Dare– This was a huge hit with the kids begging for more. I wrote truth or dare questions on pieces of paper, put them in balloons, blew them up and put them in the center of a circle of chairs. I waited until someone asked if they were going to do something with the balloons. Each guest chose a balloon, popped it and did what it said. The questions were all simple fun activities. Nothing was intimate or embarrassing (i.e. skip across the room holding hands with the person next to you; challenge the groups to dance Gingham style for 20 minutes; propose/break up with the person across from you…)

Wii Beatles Rock Band

Fire Pit– The last activity was to gather around the fire pit to roast marshmallows and tell stories. It was a cold damp night but everyone wanted to hang out by the fire.

Five hours flew by and everyone said they had a great time! Thank you Jesus. Amen!


8 thoughts on “Teen Party Success

  1. I am so glad Autumn’s birthday was a happy time for her. I am praying she will start to feel better. You sure picked some fun things for them to do.

    • Thank you Joyce. Autumn and I appreciate your encouragement. Keep praying. I’m still hopeful she’ll get in remission. Her good moments outnumber her bad.

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