Chasing Sanity

Frustrated ParentParenting is chasing sanity until you put it on a train vowing to pay an arm and a leg in the hope it comes home to visit.

Blogging doesn’t allow readers to hear the 20 minute pause that just went speeding by as I earnestly tried to think of a biblical parent to model and share.  Odd, because the hundreds of parenting magazines, articles, books and other parents I consult indicate it is possible to be a ‘good’ parent, but… I’ve put pretty much every theory and tip into practice and still fall short.

In fact, I’ve come to the conclusion that God is the most permissive, let ‘em go and see how they turn out parent and apparently Jesus turned out okay! I think? And I wouldn’t dare say otherwise for fear of lightning bolts.

I want to be a GOOD parent!  Is this an unreasonable desire?

This post will have to be short because I just finished doing Miralax shots with my daughter. She has Crohn’s and needed a ‘cleaning’ day so being a ‘good’ parent I participated. I didn’t do nearly as much as her but my intestines are beginning to talk.

According to my daughter, I’m the ‘odd’ parent.  She usually says I’m a ‘good’ parent but she’s a bit on edge today so I’ve only received a few grunts and snarls between exhausted tears of frustration.

Quite frankly I am ready to growl back. Thankfully she is in the bathroom and to pounce upon her would be a disgusting mess so I will refrain.

If you have any biblically inspired suggestions to help me with Colossians 3:21, I’d love to give them a try because I am truly empty! Or will be when nature calls.

Colossians 3:21

Do not frustrate your children, or they may lose heart.

7 thoughts on “Chasing Sanity

    • Thank you Hilda! We are definitely on the same path! Sorry Christian sisters, I am not the model parent, wife, friend or sister! I’ve lost that skip in my step and I’m just limping along. Hilda, I wouldn’t mind a ride on your broom because wicked is on my heels.

      Lord, grab hold of Hilda and me. Remind our husbands, children and co-workers that we are fallen but redeemed women of your grace. Sweep our minds, bodies and spirit with your love. Pick us up and set us right! Amen!

  1. Karen, my beloved sister,

    Being a parent is the most difficult anTeach your children to choose the right path, and when they are older, they will remain upon it.d important ministry that we will ever be called to. And my beloved friend, we both have the best, most important instruction manual there ever was – The Bible. I want to encourage you, my friend. Do not give up. Do not beat yourself up. When you fall, just cry out to your Daddy, and He will come, pick you up, and clean you up, so you can continue on your way.

    I’ve raised my two children, who are now, 27 and 29 years old, and it wasn’t easy, and I totally messed up and missed the mark too many times to count… BUT GOD, who is rich in mercy, steadfast love and grace chose to not only cover my sins, but to remove them as far as the east is from the west. Isn’t that comforting to know?

    Beloved, I wasn’t always saved when I was raising my children, and though I tried to be a good parent, I was not yet delivered from my abusive childhood, and too many times, I found myself crossing that line, but even then, God was with me. You see, my friend, when I began walking with Him and trusting in Him, He began to give me something that I desperately needed and still need… He gave me wisdom. Wisdom to know when and what to say, wisdom to know when to shut up.He gave me wisdom to seek His face so that I could react and respond.

    One of my favorite scriptures that helped me so much when raising my children was Proverbs 22:6 – Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it. I trained my children to love the Lord, by allowing them to witness my great love for Him. Even today, after I have raised them, I hold tight to that scripture, and I pray it, and do you know what the Lord showed me about that scripture? He said, “when they are old, they will not depart from it.

    I trust that. My children are not yet old, but I can see that they, like me, love the Lord. And though they both fall so far short of God’s glory, His love covers a multitude of sins. Have courage and be of good cheer! Your work as a mother is not in vain. Trust in the Lord, and watch Him intervene on your behalf.

    Much love to you, my beloved sister in the Lord!


    • It is good to know I’m not alone and especially that this too shall pass.
      My children aren’t old (15 & 21) but they’ve aged me LOL.
      I guess there is no harm in running around screaming in the backyard!
      They are great kids-much better than I was. I’m never sure which direction I want to go but I’m very sure I won’t follow my parents example!

  2. Parenting, especially being a mother, is the most difficult ‘job’ on earth Karen. A lot of folks write about what to do, how to it, why to do it, etc… BUT, I completely agree with Cheryl.
    I have 7 grown children and I can tell you, if I started counting today every time I lost control, got exasperated or just plain “made the wrong play” (ie messed it up bad!); I ‘d be counting until our Heavenly Father chooses to bring me home. The fact is… the teen years are the most difficult!
    So take heart in Proverbs 22:6 and teach them to love the God who so mercifully gave His son, Jesus to save us from an eternity of sadness (plus). Love them no matter what! And… give them to God! He has all the answers for their lives, He has just given them to you–YOU– to be their care giver here on earth.
    Be blessed sweetie and I will pray for your daughter with Crohns.

    • Thank you Stephanie! I know she is going through a tough time. I try to be patient, loving etc…but I can’t fix everything and we need to keep moving forward. I guess she’ll pop up and dust herself off when she is ready because pushing never works. My daughter and I have completely different speeds. I multi-task and she needs to complete one taks at a time. She has two speeds- slow and stop, while I usually run on turbo. God has an incredible sense of humor! Christ’s peace.

  3. I am so with you in this. I have written my last 3 posts on my parental failings. and last night I wrote a draft titled “You’re a good mum” lol..
    I loved this quote.. “I’ve come to the conclusion that God is the most permissive, let ‘em go and see how they turn out parent and apparently Jesus turned out okay!”.. fabulous! Easier said than done though.
    Perhaps you would like my last few posts, Here are the links in case I hope you get something from them. Blessings to you!

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