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QuestionsToday’s daily post recommended I write my eulogy but I don’t feel like being dead today. I realize that may or may not be in my control since there is a snow storm in Maryland this afternoon. But I imagine my eulogy being a group activity with me as a silent bystander. So…

Speaking of group activities and daily posts, I was inspired to begin a new blog adventure by another recent daily post by Scott Berkun, former Daily Post prompter.

Scott, if you read this, let me begin with a disclaimer. I realize you did not make this recommendation in your post nor do I assume you support such a leap but in my weird twisted brain I felt it was strongly implied, planted, festered, watered and may blossom. So you deserve credit!

I am an extreme EXTROVERT! I love people! I LOVE to work in teams! I really enjoy the energy of the group think tank. I can work alone but I prefer to work with and help others.

I like blogging. I enjoy researching, crafting and posting posts but often feel something is missing. I started this blog to connect with my fellow sisters not perform for them, which leads me to wonder if I have the heart of a true blogger.  Is blogging an individual or a group activity?  I want it to be a group activity.

What does it mean to be a successful blogger?

I’m not sure. I am caught in the enticing web of blogging. I LOVE the feedback from viewers. I get so excited every time someone likes or comments on a post. I click over to their site and read their stuff; sometimes beginning a brand new friendship. I wonder where they live, what kind of tea they prefer and if they like sweets. I imagine us gathered around my kitchen table, laughing and having a good time.

The Daily Post provides an awesome table of friends to share posts. And I love gathering around it several times a week. Its really cool to create a post and read other blogger’s interpretations of the same prompt.

Of course none of this compares to when someone decides to follow my blog. I explode into dance every time; shouting out to hubby, “I got another follower!” Sometimes adding, “They like me, like me, they really like me!”

I know! It’s embarrassing but true.

I’ve met and cried with so many brothers and sisters with similar trials and challenges.  I just wished I knew how to create the group atmosphere in a blog.  And what is the trick to keeping it going? How do I know I’m not just talking to myself?

Then I received Scott’s post. He wasn’t my first blog lesson. I’d read and took the advice of so many others. Changing the look of my blog, making it easier to follow and share. Each tempting me with the same desires:

  • More readers (friends)
  • More followers (friends)
  • More feedback (friends)

And more hope for forming that tight knit group I envisioned when I pressed my first word.

Scott however went a step further. He helped clarify what was missing – inspirational interaction! The three lessons prompting me on this new journey are:

  • Ask your readers
  • Have a team
  • Find partners

While I’ve twisted them a bit, they are the theme of my new adventure. I’m hoping to form a team, develop partners and create a venue to share ideas and friends. I always do a better when I have someone in mind because the love, care and concern shines through.

I’ve added a new page to my blog and written this post to introduce it to the blogging world:

ASK Karen

If you have a question, topic, biblical sister or verse you feel would inspire a great post? Or if you want to know more about something I’ve already shared, please submit your idea on my “Ask Karen” page—if I use it, I’ll credit you. And anticipate your feedback!

Also I’d like to use this as a forum for other bloggers to share their posts (stories) about similar subjects.

I pray this will be a wonderful adventure for all of us!

Matthew 18:20

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

5 thoughts on “Ask Karen

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  2. Is it the layout or the content that makes a blog striking. I don’t know sister. I seem to go by the content, then the layout. And I must say that your layout is easy to read therefore I carry on reading to the last drop. I’ll pray for the success of your quest.

    • Thank you Seeker! So many of us have had similar paths to Christ- you, Cshowers, the warrioress, amandasue, alwayshis…It would be so cool to form a group, each sharing a post about the same verse or biblical sister. It seemed like a cool path of the Spirit. Perhaps I’m acting more like the plant in Little Shop of Horrors- Feed me… LOL

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