The War on Christmas: The Yule Logs in Our Own Eyes

This is a wonderful reminder that Christ came into the world to bring peace and love! Happy Holy Day! Amen!

The Unexpected Pastor

jesus wants youI guess I’m supposed to be outraged.  A charity just called asking for a donation,  and after I declined, the charity lady wished me a “happy holiday season.”

The nerve!  Doesn’t she know there’s a war going on?  Is she one of THEM?  One of those secular humanist hell-bound Santa-haters?  You know, those people who are on the other side of The War on Christmas.  The ones who detest Jesus . . . the baby Jesus.

It’s a war, and there’s no option to be Switzerland.  You have to pick a side, they say.  It’s either “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.”  Either Jesus or Madelyn Murray O’Hair.  Either heaven or . . . you get the idea.

Rise up, Christians!  There’s a War on Christmas, and your very faith is threatened.  The future of Christianity hangs on whether the part-time Best Buy computer geek with the clip-on tie acknowledges…

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