OUCH! Love Cries Out!

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Write a summary of the book you’ve always wanted to write for the back cover of its dust jacket.

OUCH! Love Cries Out!

Breaking the Silence

OUCH! Love Cries Out! is the inspirational chilling memoir of the tear-filled journey from victim, raised by beasts, surrounded by predators, living in fear  to survivor, filled with hope and determination to break the chains of violence for a beautiful love-filled happily and safely ever after.

In OUCH! Love Cries Out! we meet her relentlessly cruel unpredictable toxic mother. We discover the heart wrenching details of abuse, rape, her brother’s suicide and violence by a beast worse than her mother. Like most victims she suffered in silence; robbed of the natural ability to cry for help, believing God ordained her to such a life.

Thanks to the efforts of many rescuers… therapists, pastor, doctor, police…and the scriptures…God screamed over the waves threatening to drown her and her child.  With help, she found her voice, turned from evil, cut off her relationship with her mother and other perpetrators, sought peace and pursued it.

Prayerfully, her memoir provides a light and clear path for others to follow to safety.

“…a courageous leap of faith…spell-binding…a must read” ~Oprah

” A psycho-romance which happens to be true.” ~ Dr. Phil
“Read it with a box of tissues.” ~ Meg Ryan

Karen Simpson, M.A. is a family and marriage counselor and motivational speaker.


4 thoughts on “OUCH! Love Cries Out!

    • Thank you! I wrote a book while I was in therapy before I ran for freedom. It was much easier to write about what happened than talk about it. But it was difficult to pursue publication b/ c I didn’t know how to describe it! I find it alot easier to write about the events than write a book jacket. This post was REALLY hard! I don’t sell myself well. You?

      • haha I can totally relate!! I can sell other peoples work or things that I believe in but when it comes to my own talents and work I am at a loss for words! I did the daily prompt but very quickly and before I could critique it to much or change my mind to publish it or not I hit the button! My book has been in the making for about 1 1/2 now… I’ve written about 13-14 chapters and I am at a stand still with it and don’t know how to end it and tie it all up… Maybe it will never get published and I think I am ok with that. Just knowing that it is something I got out of me and on to paper is enough I guess!

        • Amen! I used to sell my paintings at craft shows but hated it. I’d prefer swapping booths with someone else b/ c I was too sensitive to sell my paintings. I felt naked and on display. Memoirs are difficult to end b/ c its a work in progress. I guess a natural ending is when life becomes so good you’re tired of writing 🙂

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