STOP! Rewind Edit PLAY….


I would LOVE to re-write history. I’m not going to lie, if bestowed the title of revisionist (New word in my vocab thanks to the Daily Post!), I would definitely re-write the many horrible experiences in my lifetime. I’d be totally ok with being different without the yuck hanging in my memory vault. No regrets!

This is probably why no one ever passed me the remote to change the course of history. I would have changed every scene to a light romantic comedy. No psychodrama!

However I don’t want to relive my history even to re-write it!

I prefer to take this incredible opportunity to STOP history, rewind and edit in more PLAY time! I’d erase every grumpy bumpy day, add a little sunshine, lots of smiles, millions of kisses, tons of laughter and paint galore.

I’d edit more time to PLAY all day with my gorgeous husband.  I’d edit more time to PLAY all day with my beautiful daughter and I’d edit so much more time to PLAY all day with my incredible son.  Amen!

Sing to him a new song;  PLAY, and shout for joy.

Psalm 33:3


9 thoughts on “STOP! Rewind Edit PLAY….

    • Thank you for your comment ! I love input.
      I do not seek more time in this fallen world. I repent for being grumpy and focused on this world stuff when God’s Word calls us to celebrate (play). The more time I give to play, the less for sorrow since time is finite in this world! The cost to myself and others is laughter & joy.

  1. Play and Pray goes well together. Stop, definitely stop playing when duty calls. Rewind should not be part of the vocabulary. Revisionist sounds like a good word.

    • Absolutely! Jesus called his followers to be full of joy and celebrate (play). To share the feast.
      Conversations with God (prayer) .

      God did not want Adam and Eve to sin, or Cain to kill Abel. Nor was it ordained by God for me or anyone else to be abused or raped.

      The Bible calls us to reflect, turn, repent (rewind)…God promises to blot out, wipe away and forget (edit) our sins, to restore and make clean – God sounds like a revisionist.

      Don’t worry – no one passed me the remote lol

      • Rewind and edit, ah, now it all make sense based on the bible. I just learned something. I’ll pass this to my christian circle. Pause would be a good one, in my opinion. ^-^ Pax tecum.

  2. BTW FYI CAUTION: Revisionist isn’t a nice word. In history, revisionists rewrote history to make slavery and the Holocaust sound humanitarian.
    DISCLAIMER: This post refers to the hope of actually changing not rewriting history for a better yesterday, today & tomorrow.

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