Celebrating Change

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Daily Prompt: Be the Change

What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?

CHANGE?  I like change!  I changed my course and God “turned my wailing into dancing; removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy” Psalm 30:11. God gave my children a different today and hope for tomorrow all because of an 1800 turn.

I want to make a difference by sharing my journey with the world.  I pray my story inspires others to run for safety, dance and seek joy!

I was raised by beasts, surrounded by predators, living in fear but I was able to escape. I heard God’s call to:

Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it!  Psalm 34:14 (NIV)

I admit I am slow to change.  This morning I again asked my husband if he minded if I moved our bed to the other side of the room; and again he said he didn’t care, but still I haven’t moved the bed. I’m busy making a difference in the world LOL.

Change isn’t easy and I don’t want to flood my sisters who are wrestling with finding a better tomorrow with guilt for not moving fast enough. Nor do I want to cast any blame on victims by inferring they are choosing abuse.

Blogging puts me in touch with many beautiful sisters who broke free of their chains, others running for freedom and too many, even if it is just one sister still imprisoned.

Many ask- Why do grown men and women stay in abusive situations?

When surrounded by scary it is nearly impossible to imagine kindness in the world.  It is easier to appreciate the comfort of a known beast than to run into or be led away by another unknown predator who may be harder to please than the first.

Victims are emotionally, financially or otherwise dependent upon their beasts. It is impossible to run when the doors and windows are barred shut,  and society looks the other way.Victims need help.  They need rescuers to show them the path to freedom. Few save themselves. Many die trying!

They are not forgotten nor are they unloved. Our Lord keeps record of their tears and  misery Psalm 56:8. God provides justice for their suffering! I pray for my brothers and sisters trapped in violence. I pray they feel our Lord’s presence.

Saving victims is dangerous. Victims of violence can be very frustrating, making a few steps forward and many more back, often feeding their beasts their weaknesses before developing the stamina to run the full race.  I was no exception!

There are over 12 biblical sisters defined by “change”. The Bible shares how changes in their lives turned them to God and a new tomorrow.

These women are survivors.  I am a survivor.

I look forward to meeting them in Heaven and thanking them for their inspiration.

I share their stories, as well as my own in all its ugliness and truth on this blog in the hope and prayer that God will speak through these posts to make both big and small changes in the world and lives of others.

I hope these stories confirm for anyone in doubt that kindness and paradise exists. I also hope I provide a light and a clear path for others to follow to safety.

I hope to dance in paradise with many new sisters prepared by Christ for freedom (CHANGE)!  Amen!


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