Justifying Jesus

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You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favorite person… Failure to convince will result in vanishing without a trace. Go!

Three hundred words to justify the existence of Jesus? WOW! The daily prompt challenges my evangelical skills. Cool!

I’ll increase my word usage by creating links to a few of my seventy-five (75) posts about Jesus’ love and grace.

Since we began our journey April 2012, I shared the many ways Jesus cared for me by helping people I love.

Jesus cried, calmed, traveled and labored with me. He fed, entertained, cruised, partied and touched me.

Jesus is with me. Jesus wiped my tears when I was abused by my parents, afraid in the dark, raped, my brother committed suicide, my first husband tried to kill me and when I shared my story for the first time on this blog.

There is no better friend than Jesus. Jesus encourages my questions. He laughs with me and doesn’t hold a grudge when I make mistakes. Jesus is UNCONDITIONAL love!

But enough about me! No one has ever saved a life by simply sharing the value of that life to them. While Jesus and President Obama both feed, clothe, shelter and visit the poor and imprisoned.  These traits may not keep them from vanishing because most of “those” people don’t or can’t vote! So I’ll appeal to the people of power by answering the pervasive question – “How will Jesus help me?”

The Good News – Jesus doesn’t need to besaved! He died to save and justify YOUR existence!

President Obama on the other hand…

Do you need a friend?  I recommend  mine – Jesus! 

Thank you Lord Jesus for being my best friend! I look forward to new friends – brothers and sisters. Amen!


5 thoughts on “Justifying Jesus

  1. Wow! We have way to much in common!! And not necessarily good things in common! But the one AWESOME thing that makes it worth while is knowing the One who was with us through it all, loves us beyond measure and can redeem our brokeness!!

    In 2007, my husband told me multiple times how he was going to kill me and I wasn’t going to wake up the next morning. It took me about a month and a half to see that he was getting more and more serious with each threat. He had me so isolated from friends and family that I didn’t know where to turn. He forbid me to talk to my mom or family. And what friends I did have he had kept me from them for so long their lives just kept moving on without me. He also had told me that if I ever tried to get away that there wasn’t a place that he wouldn’t go to find me and that if I ran if anyone helped me he would kill them as well. The ironic thing is it was his mother that got me away and to a women’s shelter!!

    That was 5 and a half years ago and I still struggle with it. I had moved away from NY to get away from the thoughts and feelings I would have driving around our small town and the fear of running into him.

    I moved to SC for a couple years but due to not being able to find a full time job I had to move back to NY… I know now God brought me back to finish the healing process! I am still technically married to him also. I have served him papers 3 times only to have them either never served or him not signing them. I pray that he will each day but part of me wonders if he will. When I was still with him he had told me that if I ever left him and wanted a divorce he would never give it to me because he knew my values and faith would not want to be with another man without being married to him. It was and is a way for him to maintain the control he thinks he has over me.

    I have spent the last 5 years celibate and have not dated. I wanted to work on myself and try and figure out why I gravitated to men who would treat me like this. Part of the piece of that puzzle was solved while I was at the women’s shelter and my mom finally confided in me that she had endured 31 years of abuse at the hand of my father. It really helped open my eyes to why I had such a warped and untrue view of what real love was and why I chose the men I did.

    I am still a work in progress but I hope with each new step of release and healing that I am that much closer to becoming the women that God intended me to be and brings a man in my life that can handle all the hurts, hangups and things Im working on.
    Im so glad I “stumbled” across your blog and that God has brought us together to share and encourage each other!

    • Amen! Thank the Lord for your mother-in-law. I am so thankful you are safe! I wish my life wasn’t so colorful. I am grateful To find fellow sisters to break the loneliness. But I do not wish abuse on anyone!

      • I know what you mean though!! I too find it difficult to share with many sisters in Christ my life story because it has so many twists and turns, bad decisions and things that I didn’t choose… If I was to sit down with a new person and lay it all out they would probably run.. not walk away shaking their heads!! lol…. But Im glad that we can share and not judge but understand, relate and rejoice that neither one of us is where we used to be! So thankful that God preserved your life and kept you safe!

        • Most women at Bible study respond by saying they have a friend…which I used to say but now I just go ahead and admit Ive had just about every bad experience. I guess we are well rounded. Lol

  2. Jesus is our saviour. Everything that are happening in this world have reasons. Keep the faith and trust on Him with all our heart and soul. He will take care of us forever. Amen

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