WC RESULTS: Would Jesus Vote?

Several readers asked if I could post the results to my survey.  I started this post when I published the survey but when I realized I only needed to update the polls to view the results I left this post in “Drafts”.  Thanks for the prompts and thanks to weekly press for challenging me to create a poll.  I had so much fun.

I feel like Richard Dawson on the Family Freud with two opposing Christian families facing off.  So with no further delay – “SURVEY SAYS”

There were a few surprising votes when my audience were asked the following questions to decide which 2012 presidential candidate is a sheep or a goat (Matthew 25:31-46).  The results posted here are based on the results as of the Election Day when the polls closed October 26, 2012 at noon.

Feel free to cast your vote, the survey is still accepting votes. All votes are anonymous.

To be politically correct, both candidates received votes in all categories and therefore based on Matthew 25, both are sheep because they have fed, clothed, visited and cared for Jesus.


Would Jesus Vote?  50% Yes   50% No

Survey Says:  Our viewing audience was equally divided.  However, I vote definitely “no”.  Jesus was and wasn’t political.  He was crucified for not being political enough.  While he told his followers and enemies to pay their taxes, I can’t imagine Jesus in a polling booth. Jesus has long-term politics.  As God, he was able to use any political climate for his ultimate  purpose – Pharaoh, Pilate etc…  I do imagine his narrow-minded disciples throwing a fit and giving Jesus a sermon about the importance of voting. I also imagine them voting.  I understand the importance of everyone in ministry casting their vote, especially since so many countries around the world do not have such a privilege.  I definitely plan to vote on Election Day!  Please vote!

Which 2012 Presidential Candidate would FEED Jesus?

78% Obama


Survey Says: Our viewing audience declares President Obama a sheep who is more likely to feed Jesus than Governor Romney. Note Jesus of course is anyone who is hungry or thirsty.

Which 2012 Presidential Candidate would HOUSE Jesus?

56%  Obama

44% Romney


Survey Says: Our viewing audience only provides President Obama a slight lead over Governor Romney. Both declared sheep!

Which 2012 Presidential Candidate would CARE Jesus when SICK?

78%  Obama


Survey Says: Our viewing audience declares President Obama a sheep! Jesus is very sick with lots of pre-existing conditions that need ObamaCare.

Which 2012 Presidential Candidate would VISIT Jesus in PRISON?

50%  Romney

50%  Obama


Survey Says: Our viewing audience declared both SHEEP! I guess our viewing audience knew about Governor Romney’s prison ministry.

Given the results above, the following is of little surprise:

Which 2012 Presidential Candidate will you VOTE for?

70%  Obama

30% Romney

Survey Says: An overwhelming majority of our viewing audience, at least those who took the challenge, plan to cast their support for President Obama on Election Day!

Jesus commanded us to love our neighbor and told us how.  We must feed, clothe, visit and care for Jesus in our homes, churches and yes even at the polls!  Get out there and vote!


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