Weekly Challenge: Would Jesus Vote?

WordPress’ weekly writing challenge inspired me to try creating a poll.  While it advised to stay away from an obvious poll like the election I couldn’t resist.  I tend to swim up-stream, sin boldly, do my own thing….I am obsessive-compulsive so I’m compelled to shed the thought that is cluttering up the works before I can move on, much like Jesus’ disciples before Pentecost ( a little dense).

I’m so dense, I missed the point that my post was suppose to be about bringing children to “adult” places.  Unfortunately I’d go on for way too long on that subject without coming to a coherent bottom line – probably none of us should go anywhere that we have to be or act like an adult so why subject children to such.  I confess I’ve brought my children to adult places and regretted it. I also admit being annoyed by other peoples children when I’m having a moment without mine. Lessons in tolerance. Most wouldn’t drag them along if they had another alternative. So instead, the challenge inspired me to create a poll.  Obviously, I have trouble following rules. Ugh!

So my poll is based on Matthew 25:31-46. Which 2012 presidential candidate is a goat? Sheep?  Obviously, I’m not suppose to sway my audiences responses, so I’ll attempt to keep my opinions to myself until I post the results Friday after the weekly challenge is posted.  I pray you have as much fun as I did making the poll.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge: Would Jesus Vote?

  1. Nice twist on the poll idea. Can’t wait to read the results. I was hoping to be able to vote on which candidate was a sheep and which a lamb. That’s some food for thought.

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