Why I Blog

Below are my responses to a “Why I Blog” article posted at the Daily Post:

How did you get started blogging?
My pastor husband encouraged me to blog. He had several blogs and felt a blog would cure my persistent “What’s my ministry?” I’d always led a Bible study for women in our home but crazy schedules, distance and other commitments made it impossible to find the right time or place to meet. Needless to say I couldn’t find any women to meet late at night when I was available. So blogging does have the solution to my dilemma. I can blog in the middle of the night, post at a reasonable hour and followers can read at their leisure. Funny- my husband got me addicted to blogging and then took a break.lol
How often do you blog on average?:
A few times a week
What has been your biggest blogging hurdle?
Worrying about strangers reading intimate personal details AND worrying nobody is reading my posts. I guess its like worrying about being caught naked and also worrying no one will look. Blogging is strange!
What has been your biggest blogging triumph?:
I get excited everytime I see I have a new follower. I loved the day I had the most views. Two (2) bloggers nominated me for blogger awards. But my biggest triumph? Just getting started. It was really fun just setting up my blog.
Briefly describe your ideal audience.:
I thought it was women but I’ll let the readers decide.
How do you come up with your ideas?
I had an outline for a Bible study about relationships with specific topics and scripture verses but oddly only the titles tend to remain. Sometimes my research of a topic provides lots of future post ideas. It takes forever to write the first 100 words but only a moment to explode into 500 with lots of screeching as I try to wrap them up. Life provides a multitude of possible subjects.
What does it take for you to consider a post successful?:
I had fun writing it, I laugh no matter how many times I read it or think about it and/ or it was a growth post (I shared a personal teachable moment).


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