What’s Your Story?

God’s love letter (Bible) is a series of one colorful story after another.  It’s a really raunchy, very comical soap opera of  real women, just like me; and just like many other sisters of Christ who messed up, been messed on and cleaned up by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We all have a story which began the day we were conceived and will continue into eternity.  I began to think about those story boards the librarian at my local preschool and library used when I was a little girl after consciousquared posted the following to Comfort in Job’s Valley:

people aren’t only on different pages, but in completely different story books.

We all have our own story book with lots of different pages. We have chapters we love to share, especially after they’ve been embellished over the years to guarantee a really good laugh; hopefully we all have pages in our lives when we were happy, proud and loved; also the bible is pretty clear that no matter how saintly our intentions, we all have parts we’d like to rip out, deny, paint over, bury deep or shred. (Romans 3:23)

However, before turning on the shredder, notice that God’s story book always includes the flaws of all it’s characters.  Only one character is perfect-Jesus.  Everyone else is flawed. But despite their flaws, God declares them. He claims them.  God walks with them. God talks to them. God loves them.   Isn’t that why we read those stories over and over?

God is a God of relationships; bible stories are always about relationships, therefore our story is also about our relationship with one another and with God.  Remember all those colorful felt pieces the librarian used to introduce new characters, set the plot and get us all really engrossed?

While it may seem that “completely different story books” simply refers to an action book verses a romance or horror novel; her blog posts indicate a much deeper meaning such as, while the characters’ lives may intersect, it is important to remember that each one has their own story.  This is a biblically correct (consistent) view, as found in the stories of Sarah and Hagar.

I pray that as we study our sisters in the Bible,  as we pray and search the most beautiful love letter ever written-the Bible, for the greatest truth, we will discover something most precious to God-our story!

Scared? Don’t be! Christ will not go where He is not invited.  Also, the Holy Spirit has taught me that by allowing Christ to shine His light into the darkest areas of my life, I have learned to embrace truth, I no longer fear the dark because it no longer has a hold on me. This is why I posted my story on this blog under the My Journey tab.

Let us pray:

Thank you Lord for your many blessings.  Thank you especially for my sisters, for the time we spend together and for our laugh out loud stories.  Bless us, bless our journey and bless this blog, continue to shine your light on our journey, may it ever be pleasing to you. Amen


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Story?

  1. I love a good story! I am intrigued by the Bible and you! For me I like to remain a mystery. Definition of MYSTERY: a religious truth that one can know only by revelation and cannot fully understand, something not understood or beyond understanding, profound, inexplicable, or secretive quality or character. I love that word! The Bible is a love story and a mystery.

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