Biblical Sister: She Loved Much

This blog was created to provide a place for sisters of Christ to meet; study our biblical sisters,  share prayers, stories and devotions.  We’ve been searching the most beautiful love letter ever written-the Bible, for the greatest truth-LOVE!

I began by recognizing that love is learned, I must experience love to recognize love. I can choose to accept or reject love.  I must learn to fully love myself as God loves me before I can share that love with others (Luke 10:27).

Sometimes as a woman, I feel invisible but through His love letter, Hagar reminds me that “I answer God by name, praying to the God who spoke to her (Hagar), “You’re the God who sees me!”   God first saw Hagar (me) then Hagar (I) saw Him!

Building a strong foundation is difficult.  It is scary. It requires me to open my heart to truths.  True love requires vulnerability.  Those who love much, cry much.

My favorite sisters of the Bible are nameless, faceless women of sin, they could be anybody. They could be me.

Jesus introduces us to a woman “who loves much” in Luke 7:36-50.  She also cried much! I think she is the perfect poster sister for our first lesson about love.

In most studies she is labeled as ‘the sinful woman’ which is the title given to her by Simon, the Pharisee. I don’t think Simon was being “fair you see”.  I know cheap joke but true. I prefer Jesus’ title.

Here is her story:

Luke 7: 36-38 Jesus goes to Simon’s house for dinner. And this woman arrives with perfume and she begins to wash Jesus’ feet with her tears, kissing his feet, wiping them with her hair and anointing them with perfume. She is so humble that she stays behind Jesus.  She knows her reputation but she goes anyway. Wow!  Can I hear a shout out? BOLD WOMAN!

Can you relate to this woman?  Do you feel your sins are so great, they’ve brought you to tears?  How have you been BOLD in your love for Jesus?

Luke 7:39 Simon thinks if Jesus is a prophet, he’d know “she is a sinner.”  Boo hiss! Simon appears to have forgotten  something.

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23)

Have you ever acted like Simon?Judged a sister as ‘one of those’ ultimate sinners?

Luke 7:40-43 Jesus reminds Simon that he is also a sinner with a story about two debtors. Watch out Simon, you’re going down. While Simon gets the riddle, Jesus helps bring the lesson home.

Luke 7: 44-47 Jesus makes comparisons between the woman and Simon:

Foot washing:

  • Simon gave him no water for his feet
  • The woman wet His feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair


  • Simon did not greet Jesus with a kiss (cheek)
  • The woman repeatedly kissed his feet


  •  Simon did not anoint Jesus’ head with oil
  • The woman anointed His feet with perfume.Forgiven

Luke 7:47-50  Jesus publicly redeems this woman.  He acknowledges her many sins, affirms all of her sins are forgiven. Can I get an ‘Amen!’ and he gives her a new title, she becomes the women “who loved much”!  And to Simon,”…he who is forgiven little, loves little.” And to the women who loved much, “Your sins are forgiven…Your faith has saved you; go in peace.” Awesome!!!!!

Some have remarked that I’m really putting myself out there with this blog; sharing really personal stuff; my secrets.

As I said earlier, building a strong foundation is difficult.  It is scary. It requires me to open my heart to truths.  True love requires vulnerability.  Those who love much, cry much. I must face those secrets, acknowledge my sins and learn to fully love myself as God loves me, and begin to share that love with my sisters (Luke 10:27).

Thankfully I’m not alone.  Thanks to my parents, I was baptized, the Holy Spirit came to dwell within me, and just by calling out his name, my Lord answers me.  Jesus repairs years of damage. My Lord reveals himself in the faces of my sisters of Christ. Amen!


4 thoughts on “Biblical Sister: She Loved Much

  1. Sometimes I would like to be invisible to go unnoticed when I want to. There are times when I cry myself to sleep. I realize that my tears are never unnoticed by God and yes my tears are at his feet not exactly like Hagar cleaning his feet but a sign of my humility in calling out to Christ. He answers our prayers. I try not to judge others but reality is we are all sinners and cannot help ourselves. Thank you God for your salvation and grace you so freely give to us in Jesus’ name. Amen!

  2. So true about love requiring vulnerability. I’m a little better at being vulnerable with God than at being vulnerable with the people who look at me each day. I have felt my sins are so great that they brought/bring me to tears, and I can relate in that way to the woman who loved much.

    As for judging, I think moms of young children are really harsh in their judgements of each other. Through my work, I have many chances every day to notice ways moms are loving their children, but there are days when the nasty thoughts you mentioned or the judgmental thoughts take over. I definitely come home feeling better when I focus on the moms’ loving moments, but I can’t do that on my own–I need to ask Jesus to help me with my perspective all the time.

    • Society, including church, puts lots of pressure on women to show our best side at all times. Satan makes us feel ashamed of our weaknesses. & unfortunately most sisters burden one another w/ unrealistic expectations.
      Lord help us as sisters to support, love, strengthen & to see one another through your EYES. AMEN.

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