Mothers’ Blessing

Thank you Lord for the gift of motherhood.  Bless all women who care for children.  Motherhood is not always easy, there never seems enough hours in the day, nor enough energy to meet the needs of the children you entrusted to us. We especially lift up mothers who have lost children. Let all women know you are always present. Comfort us, reassure us of your plans for us and our children; and make us aware of your loving arms. Continue to assure us of Your grace. Let Your joy flow abundantly! Thank you for making us part of one heavenly family. You are an awesome God! Thank you! Amen

May your mother rejoice;
may she be joyful!

Proverbs 23:25

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One thought on “Mothers’ Blessing

  1. Amen! Last night I was at the park and the door had blown open and bent the hinge. I didn’t have a hammer to fix it so I asked my brother who was there for his daughter’s lacrosse practice to help. He didn’t have tools with him either so I just slammed the door as hard as I could to force it back in place to securely close. He said “You are just like your Mother”. I said thank you, what a compliment that was. My Mother was an amazing woman who raised six children on a limited income. She managed to fix things around the house maybe not always the best methods but it worked. She taught us the values of life and faith. We were blessed to have a great Mother.

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