Prayer: Cry for Help

Lord, you call us to cast all of our concerns upon you.  For many of my sisters this simple cry may be difficult.  Our hearts feel broken as we choke out our good-byes to loved ones, suffer financial loss, grieve our inability to continue to provide for others, suffer illness or are feeling lost and alone.  We carry many burdens, we open our mouths but nothing comes out. Therefore we allow the psalmist to say if for us:

 Listen   to my words, Lord, consider my lament. Hear my cry for help, my King and my God, for to you I pray. Psalm 5:1-2

We know Lord you know the words our heart speaks.  We lift them up in prayer. Amen!

Share: Please share your prayer concerns you need lifted up by your sisters.

4 thoughts on “Prayer: Cry for Help

  1. Lord, I pray for those who have lost loved ones that they may know the peace that only you can provide. I pray for all the graduates for guidance and safety. I pray for those who suffer from depression that they may be set free and find comfort in you. I pray for my family for our health and welfare. In your name, Jesus I lay all my concerns at your feet. Amen!

  2. Is this a public blog or only open to those you invite/those who subscribe? It would be hard for me to post prayer requests on the internet. I like the way Nancy responded with a prayer. Amen!

    • Public? Who invited you? Just kidding 😀
      Thank you for your inquiry. You’ve boldly asked a question that may be on others hearts.
      It is open; I wouldn’t say its public-we have 18 followers! Only names of commenters are posted, which is why some use first names or an alias. The ” contact” option is private. It will just send a message to me.
      Sharing is difficult,, please share as you are led. I do have the ability to delete comments if requested 🙂 I commit to lifting a prayer for anyone posting a comment.
      You and anyone else is free to share this blog with anyone you feel may benefit.

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