Studying Real Sisters

I love gathering around a table, drinking coffee or tea, eating sweets and sharing stories with other women.  As my friends know, I can talk for hours. I love to laugh.  I laugh loud.  God has richly blessed me with a variety of hoots and other noises to express joy.  It just feels so good to laugh. I have absolutely no doubt that God has a great sense of humor and there is lots of laughing in heaven.

Even as I’m writing this, I’m thinking of all the women I’ve ever had dinner with or met for bible study;  and joy just washes over me. Please if you are reading this, share a special time you had with a sister in Christ

I never get tired of studying the women of the Bible, especially the ones with the names that are fun to say and colorful stories like BathshebaJezebel and Rizpah.  Reading their stories reminds me that the Bible was the first reality show.  While reality shows are a bit too raw for my taste, the Bible doesn’t sugar coat its characters; they’re pretty raunchy.  Even the biblical matriarchs like Sarah and Rachel  have their nasty sides.  And as difficult as it is to admit, I don’t poop roses.  I have sinned and I have fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23)  Our (My) God is a God of relationships.  We need each other. We learn from and with one another.  I am always more committed to something when I’m part of a team.  Please join me in studying our sisters in the Bible.  Please share your favorite Bible characters.

Thank you Lord for your many blessings.  Thank you especially for my sisters, for the time we spend together and for our laugh out loud stories we share.  Bless us, bless our journey and bless this blog, may it ever be pleasing to you. Amen

8 thoughts on “Studying Real Sisters

  1. My favorite women of the Bible were probably chosen for me by my parents when they decided to name me Ruth Esther.
    I love the idea of being named after such a loyal friend and beautiful princess who was equally loyal to her family.

    • Both suit you very well and are favorites of mine. Such a honor to be named after such strong women of the Bible. The scripture readings for our wedding was from Ruth. I also was almost named after my Granmom, Esther 🙂

    • I like hearing the stories of how people got their names. I don’t have a unique story about the meaning of my name, just that my parents liked the sound of Julie Renee. We tried to choose our daughters’ names with the meanings of the names in mind. I hope they will like telling their stories. Is there a story that goes with Carly? Or with your name, Karen?

  2. Amen Sister! Together we can build an army of believers! I always liked the name Delilah, maybe because of the song by Tom Jones. I’m not that old though. I like the newer song “Hey There Delilah”‘, check it out. Anyway, Delilah used Samson’s weakness to overtake his strength. Let’s study!

  3. I like the story of Miriam’s resourcefulness in making sure that her baby brother Moses was cared for by his own mother and sister. Jean Marzollo wrote a children’s book about Miriam and Moses that cannot be Biblically based, but is very loving and tells how Miriam sang to baby Moses, and when he grew up she wondered if he knew her, and he would pass by her (in his chariot?) and sing the songs she used to sing to him. I also think I remember that Miriam helped Moses and Aaron lead the Israelites out of Egypt–a woman acting in an important way that changed history. And, of course, I like Mary and her Magnificat and her response to the angel’s visit and her time with Elizabeth. I suppose those are my OT and NT “favorite” women of the Bible. I look forward to learning more about other women of the Bible!

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